Thursday, June 12, 2014

poor little beaky

Beaky was put in a cage this morning because he was pecking Charlotte while she was sitting on her egg.
So we did what we did.
He likes the cage now.
We put bedding, food, and water in the cage for him.
If you go to chickens and chickens 2 you will see the picture of Beaky on both blog posts.

Sam over and out. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New life and death

Hi guys it's Sam again and we have new life and one death.
I am sad about the death that happened:(.
But I am happy about the new baby drum roll please BABY CHICKS!
The death that happened was one of the three baby chickens.
We buried Jennie (one of the baby chickens).
I am about to show you the little ones right now.
I am putting a list of the things I am going to write about.
  •  Baby Chicks
  • One Death
  • Charlotte's broody-ness
  • Egg science
# 1 Baby chicks

 Laura (could be ours)

Laura again

 Flip-Flop (or Peter Flip)

Laura yet again
#2 One death

This little one here died the day after it was born:(

At least she got to see the world before she died.

#3 Charlotte's broody-ness

This hen scared the jeebies out of me.
We thought she was going to die because she wouldn't lay.
But she was just being broody.

#4 Egg science

Small egg and big egg next to each other.

Small egg in bowl ready to be cracked.

Small egg cracked

yolk of small egg

There you have it.
That is what has been happening during that last two weeks.
Sam, over and out.