Saturday, January 18, 2014


I am now done with a book called the edge on the sword by Rebecca Tingle.
It was a good book!
A long book to.
Now i am going to read the back to you:

"Surprise Stealth.  Unbalancing her enemy.  These where the ways her guardian had taught her to save herself,
and to win.  Flaed tried to think.  How could she surprise the enemy she faced now?  An enemy who knew exactly where she was and how many men were with her?  What would they expect her to do, and what could she do instead?
Flaed sat while her fire burned down to a ghostly flame wandering over red coals.  In her mind a plane was forming, fashioned out of the day's latest discoveries and, of all things, out of poetry.  Could i really do such a thing?  she asked herself as she mulled over one grisly possibility.  When she finally stood up, she had decided.  She saw Dunstan across the yard tending his horse, and went toward him.  Her first challenge would be to convince Dunstan that she could stay alive if she carried out her plan.  And after i convince Dunstan, she thought grimly, i must convince myself." (taken from the back of the book) 

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